Digitinspiration, Lda
Just chips & fun !

IMAGINE: A betting and strategy game, but one that is played with NO cards, whose gameplay is unique and phenomenal! 

Where players' intuition power and level of socialization is maximized!


IMAGINE: A game in which the winning players feel they succeeded because of their own merit and not just due to chance factor or “due to the card that arrived at the end"! 

Because each player builds his own "hand".


IMAGINE: Where the first two betting rounds have the purpose to build the payer’s hand and the game decision element.

And in the 3rd round  players can bet freely: they are able to call, fold, raise or even bet all in!


The only decision element are the chips, which have a dual purpose in the game, and aslo being added the element of dissimulation. 

The only betting game in the world where there is no explicit luck factor. 

This is a disruptive online game, a social, strategy, skill and might also be a casino betting game.

 An online demo is already completed for testing. We invite all possible partners (not only gambling operators but also social games companies) to contact us to schedule a game session. 

One possible strategy for this project recurs to Facebook, Website (where players will be able to compete in tournaments), usual gaming platforms, online casinos, and later in face-to-face tournaments.  


Exclusive Copyright and “patent pending” by Digit-inspiration, Lda.

Come and play this online game with us !

BETBLUFF’s team is seeking for the best possible partner, an experienced OPERATOR. 

Please use contacts above in order for us to schedule a gaming session on a private environment (user / password).

This online game is not allowed to be played in Portugal (because we don’t have a license yet), it can only be played in the international market. 

However, we will develop all necessary mechanisms to ensure the licensing and regulation process of this game. 

 In parallel, we will also provide the possibility of selling board games (physical version of the game). 

What do they say about Betbluff ?

This game was inspired in the traditional Portuguese game “The coin game”. 

Some players say it’s another way of playing poker… Poker without cards… but with more adrenaline… not only just bluff, there is a lot of action and you can also deceive your opponents. 

Others say it’s a skill game… And some of them call it a social and strategy game, much like chess! 

Well, BETBLUFF is really a mix of all these concepts !!! 

It is only played with chips, which have a dual role…